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Investing in highly skilled staff and cutting-edge technology is fundamental to exceptional patient care. In fact, it's this whole-hearted commitment to quality that continues to attract over 190 of Auckland's leading medical specialists to Mercy and Ascot Hospitals.

Together we're able to offer an extensive range of private surgical services.

If you are a Specialist and are interested in work at MercyAscot why not take the time to find out a little more about us, and learn about how to become credentialed to work at MercyAscot.

At MercyAscot, we recognise the key role Secretaries and Practice Managers play in the daily management of your Specialists and clinic. With you in mind, we have set up a dedicated section to provide you with relevant online resources to support your work with us.

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Credential Request

MercyAscot offers you the freedom to practise in a professional environment, with highly skilled staff, latest technology and a supportive environment. Our commitment to quality outcomes means peace of mind for both you, and your patients.

If you are interested in applying to be credentialed for Specialist privileges with MercyAscot Hospital, please contact the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director on (09) 623 5747.

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Theatre Bookings (for Specialists Only)

Please contact your Booking Coordinator for any ad-hoc list enquiries. 

For permanent lists enquiries, please contact our
General Manager – Business Development.


Mercy Hospital Bookings

Monday to Friday - 7.00am – 5.00pm

09 623 5740

(for Specialist/Secretaries only) mercybookings@mercyascot.co.nz

Ascot Hospital Bookings

Monday to Friday – 7.00am – 5.00pm

09 520 9500 / 09 520 9764

(for Specialists/Secretaries only) ascotbookings@mercyascot.co.nz

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