Facial Fracture Clinic

All clinics are led by Plastic, Reconstructive & Craniofacial Surgeon Zac Moaveni, who is Fellowship trained in the management of complex cranio-facial trauma and reconstruction.


In partnership with Mr Zac Moaveni

Have you ever wished there was a seamless way to refer your patients with sub-acute traumatic facial and nasal injuries?

Our one-stop facial fracture clinics are for your ACC covered patients with sub-acute traumatic facial and nasal injuries.

why refer to us

Appropriate management of subacute facial trauma (sports injuries or accidents being the most common cause) can be challenging. This is compounded by challenges in obtaining appropriate imaging, and getting your patients seen and managed in a timely manner.

We are committed to working with your patients with subacute facial trauma in providing a one-stop approach to assessment and management as indicated.  We are also committed to close communication with you as the referrer, as well as ACC, to get the patient through their treatment and rehabilitation as efficiently as possible. 

As an ACC-contracted provider of sub-acute traumatic facial and nasal injury assessment and treatment, Zac Moaveni can offer specialist assessment for all your patients with sub-acute traumatic facial and nasal injury.

Benefits to your patients

  • Comprehensive diagnostic service
    • CT scan or other imaging as appropriate)
    • Clinical assessment, explanation of imaging results and treatment planning
  • Patients seen by specialist within two weeks
    once swelling settles

What do we treat and how

Fractures treated at our clinics include:

  • Nasal trauma: history of significant epistaxis, visible or suspected deformity, significant swelling
  • Suspicion or confirmed orbital/zygomatic/frontal sinus fracture: Peri-orbital bruising, diplopia, infra-orbital nerve numbness (upper lip and teeth), palpable step in bony contour
  • Sub-acute presentations not requiring urgent referral to hospital (e.g. patient can wait 1-2 weeks for a review and for their swelling to settle)

With us your patients’ care involves:

  • Co-ordinated Specialist and high-tech imaging for sub-acute traumatic facial and nasal injuries
  • Diagnostic assessment
  • Treatment plan


These require hospital referral:

  • Airway concern or compromise
  • Active or ongoing bleeding
  • Mandible fractures
  • Trismus
  • Reduced visual acuity or painful eyes
  • Open wounds
  • Dental malocclusion (teeth do not ‘fit’ properly)


The Team

Dr Zachary Moaveni

Specialty: Plastic and Reconstructive

Area of expertise: Skin Cancer and Melanoma|Hand Surgery|Rhinoplasty and Otoplasty|Facial Palsy and Pectus Excavatum|Aesthetic Face and Breast Surgery|Paediatric Plastic Surgery